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Never before has there been so much concern for our environment and coastal habitat than now. Get involved now!!!

The Urgency To Act

A visit to most of our coastal communities and beaches indicate very high disregard for basic sanitation practices, resulting in piling up of accumulated marine debris, land based litter and solid wastes on Ghana’s shorelines. 

Within these coastal communities dependent on fishing and tourism, their beaches’ filthy conditions is among the most important environmental and economic issue confronting them, as visitors and tourism figures keeps dwindling due to the perennial insanitary conditions at the beaches, and wish something could be done to arrest the situation, to ensure sustainable development. This is where Coastal Conversancy Organisation steps in…

Our Intention

Coastal Conservancy Organisation is passionate about the clean beach, and is geared towards stemming shorelines pollution and  deterioration by engaging in regular, sustainable cleaning, removing and reducing levels and impacts of accumulated marine debris, land based litter and solid wastes introduced onto the Ghanaian shorelines and aquatic habitats, to preserve and protect Ghana’s coastline. 

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