Why Clean Coast/Beach Project

Never before has there been so much concern for our environment and coastal habitat than now. Get involved now!!!

Why Clean Coast/ Beach Project

Beaches provide lots of opportunities for recreation for people from all walks of life, and cater to varying interests. Families and friends, as well as tourists spend much of their time year round on the beaches. However, visits to most coastal communities and beaches indicate very high disregard for basic sanitation practices, resulting in pile up rubbish/ trash rejected by the sea and those left behind by visitors and tourists.

Within these coastal communities dependent on tourism, their beaches’ filthy conditions is among the most important environmental and economic issue confronting them, as visitors and tourism figures keeps dwindling due to the perennial insanitary conditions at the beaches, and wish something could be done to arrest the situation, to ensure sustainable development. Besides, no one wants to go to a beach littered with plastic bottles, discarded nets and faeces.

It does not take much to make a difference and the benefits of clean coast/ beaches to these communities and society as a whole far outweighs the cost. Doing nothing, is the easy option and the repercussions are enormous.
Coastal Conservancy Organisation (CCO), has identified the need for the Clean Coast/ Beach Project, which meets a critical national interest and is earmarked to rid our coastline and beaches of marine litter and filth.

Project Goal

The goal of the project is to create employment for the teeming unemployed indigenes in the coastal communities, train and provide them with requisite information and proper environmental sanitation and conservancy practices to maintain round the clock cleanliness of the Coast/ Beaches.

Project Objectives

  • Preserve, protect, restore and enhance Ghana’s coastline/ beaches.
  • Improve sanitation at the beaches.
  • Generate a change in public awareness towards the importance of coastal       cleanliness.
  • Make the beaches safer and attractive to visitors and tourists.
  • Eliminate open defecation at the beaches.

Project Activities

  • Regular and Sustainable Beach Cleaning.
  • Provision and Management of Biofil Digester Toilets at selected beaches.
  • Beach Restoration Activities.
  • Beach Enhancement and Greening.
  • Clean Marine Environment Advocacy Campaigns.
  • Public Awareness Campaigns.
  • Beach Conservation Campaigns.

Project Mission

To inspire the conservation of Ghana’s marine coastline.