About Coastal Conservancy

Never before has there been so much concern for our environment and coastal habitat than now. Get involved now!!!

About Coastal Conservancy

Coastal Conservancy Organisation (CCO) is a non-profit organisation founded on the principle that the occasional volunteer beach clean-ups and other marine stewardship activities have made little impact and failed to solve the perennial filthy coastline and beaches problem in Ghana, and the need for a more permanent, sustainable solution to these problems.

The Organisation seeks to work and build strong, lasting partnership and collaboration with all levels of Government, MMDA’s as well as Corporate and Community minded businesses and other Non-Profits that are dedicated to maintaining a clean healthy marine and coastal environment in Ghana.

In addition, we focus on educational outreach regarding environmental issues affecting the nation and the coastal communities. It is our aim to restore the shores of Ghana as close as possible to a successful, sustaining, pristine coastline and beaches that will attract major tourism into the country.

Our long term strategy is to educate people, particularly in our coastal communities, to help keep our beaches clean throughout the year and not to harm the environment. We intend to build awareness of the project’s vision and goals, create a network of collaborators, community groups and advocates, to work together to educate Ghanaians of the consequences of marine littering and pollution and work to stamp it out.