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Combating Marine Pollution, Protecting Coastal Waters and Promoting Coastal Tourism
Coastal Conservancy Organisation is very excited to announce the arrival of the first ever Litter Trap for deflection & recovery of floating trash “DESMI Enhancer system” E-B2100 with Ro-Fence 600 in Ghana.This system will soon prove its worth to stop / prevent plastics and other floating debris from flowing into the sea and polluting the ocean.Korle Lagoon at Jamestown, Accra is definitely a test case, and at Coastal Conservancy Organisation we take the impactful right decisions, not necessarily the easy options.Hence, our choice of Korle Lagoon, Jamestown, Accra for the local demonstration of our new pioneering Enhancer Litter Trap system.Other hotspots have been identified in Accra and elsewhere along Ghana’s coastline. We believe in action and therefore, we need to start from somewhere. One step at a time and we can all contribute to make Ghana better !Coastal Conservancy Organisation is therefore appealing to the good people of Ghana to support this Game-Changing technological intervention. All we need today is your faith in us.Stay Tuned for Installation and Launching !!!#recycling#savetheplanet#savetheocean#plasticfree#savetheworld#plasticpollution#sustainability#sustainable#oceanplasticpollution#circulareconomy#plasticpollution#environment#climatechange#reduce#impact#foraplasticfreesea#litter#innovation#collaboration#waste