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Gallery of Our Activities

Coastal Conservancy Organisation is an Environmental NGO passionate about the clean beach and is geared towards stemming shorelines pollution and deterioration by engaging in regular, sustainable cleaning, removing and reducing levels and impacts of accumulated marine debris, land-based litter and solid wastes introduced onto the Ghanaian shorelines and aquatic habitats, to preserve and protect Ghana’s coastline.Coastal Conservancy Organizations initiative in identifying major floating litter hotpots in Ghana led to the introduction of Specialized Litter Trap System which was installed for a pilot demonstration on the Korle Lagoon, Jamestown, Accra to prevent, recover and harvest land-based ocean bound plastics from flowing into the sea and polluting the ocean.The introduction and installation of the specialized Litter Trap Equipment was encouraged by Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority (GPHA), our sponsor, as part of Coastal Conservancy Organisation’s (CCO) initiative to find solution to land-based ocean bound plastics in waterways and waterbodies in Ghana, transition to circular economy activities to significantly reduce plastic pollution in the environment and support a comprehensive national efforts towards a plastic free sea / ocean.With the needed funding and support, this project is expected to be extended across the entire 550 km coastline of Ghana.